Glimpses of Dubai (1) – SUMMER VACATION INDOORS

If you cannot wait for those couple of weeks of summer holiday and keep catching yourself daydreaming about sandy beaches, blues skies and refreshing tingles of the sea, although it’s still April.. In that case, well – forget about Dubai!

The city has it all of course: sandy beaches and the sea, bars and restaurants, palm trees and some sparse vegetation, but it is all utterly impractical during summer (May to November). The level of heat and humidity is so high that no one wants to get stuck outside longer than 10 minutes.

The sun peaks up and the temperature goes higher than 40-45 degrees Celsius, while your clothes turning moist and soggy sticks to your body in an instant. There are no people on the streets. They have all escaped to chilled spaces or have moved to “more adequate regions” long before the summer has started. One cannot see the Sun clearly (although, you can surely feel it), and the gaze at the horizon always finishes off in some kind of mist with tall buildings peaking from within. The city goes ghostly empty.


Empty Dubai Marina during summer heat (Glimpses of the World)

If you hope for some breeze, it will come, but hotter than the air itself. So, when you open a window, it’s like you’ve put your head in an oven! Moreover, if the wind blows – add a fan to that oven, facing your eyes directly. It makes it hard to catch a single breath, there is just not enough air.

And if you thought the sea might cool you down, think again! The sea is even hotter than it is outside, on the beach. Shallow waters stretch for dozens of meters from the shore and when you step into the sea, it’s more like a kettle of boiling soup than a warm bath!

Well, it so happened that I was in Dubai for a month – in August. Even though breathing heavily, melting and becoming obsessed by the air-conditioning, I was amazed by the fact that people have actually built the city which was functional indoors only. For half of the year. Every year! The impression surpasses all that sun-beach-summer experience. But, if you want that “real” summer vacation… Well, just pack and go to Dubai – in winter!



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