One cannot escape from so called “great shopping experiences” when coming to Dubai regardless to the purpose of your visit. It is a tax free zone after all, it does offer a great range of goods and brands that are usually cheaper than anywhere else in Europe. And Dubai is so “over the top” when it comes to shopping, it tries so hard that it almost makes you feel guilty if you do not “shop until you drop”.

Why coming to Dubai anyway if not for shopping and maybe witnessing all those things that are “the tallest” in the world, “the most luxurious”, “the biggest” etc.? And that is so true..

Anyway, there is a little marvel, ingenious marketing maneuver in each and every one of various Dubai shopping malls. For instance, while you are strolling down the Fashion Avenue of enormous Dubai Center – which consists of more than one thousand shops, the same amount of restaurants with cuisines from around the Globe, more than 220 jewelry shops, luxurious hotel, modern hi-tech cinema, tremendous ice skating rink etc. – you can also look at 33,000 tropical fish inside the enormous aquarium! Or even go scuba-diving with sharks and rays!


Aquarium in the middle of the mall (Glimpses of The World)

Who can keep track of money and overspending in such an environment, and – does it even matter?!

…And did I mention that Dubai Mall is the biggest in the world? Well, it is, of course it is.


2 thoughts on “Glimpses of Dubai (2) – BUY A BRAND AND GO SWIM WITH SHARKS

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