It’s not only the Dubai Mall that is famous for specific “cooling down spaces”. If you want snow, no problem, Dubai will make snow!

It does sound a little over the top once again, even more so if you have in mind that the actual concrete is melting outside, because the temperature is reaching 45. But once again, it’s the truth!

The best (and the only) place to go for the actual snowballing in Dubai is the Mall of Emirates, another “shopping experience” for you. Right in the middle of the mall there lies a huge ski slope, it takes up three floors with the temperature of three degrees Celsius below zero. Unlike those 45 outside!

You get a jacket and boots along with your entrance fee, and according to your wishes, you can ski, sleigh or even go to bob-sleigh track.


Minus three behind the glass

When I was there – looking through the enormous glass towards Arab women on the other side, in big parka jackets over their thin black abaya dresses, taking kids for an indoor skiing while slipping and tripping in the snow all the time – a group of people was posing in front of the glass, taking pictures. They were mostly Asians, those for whom snow might be somewhat exotic, something they have perhaps never seen in their lives. And now, here they are, without enough courage maybe to walk in on those minus three degrees.

Me, on the other hand, I rather walked away, just went for a coffee. And another “summer stroll” through the shopping mall.


The full Dubai SERIES


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