Glimpses of Dubai (8) – FOR EUROPEANS ONLY

Friday night, taxi cars going in all directions, busy streets, crowded entrances to big hotels. We were going out for a drink, and to my surprise – we were headed to one of the hotels. Popular pubs are to be found there, my friends explained, even though somewhat “hidden”.

A lot of people were coming in and out of the hotel with numerous cars stopping in front of it. The hotel was all luminous and shiny (as everything else was in Dubai), but still quiet. Entering the big hall decorated with marble and brass, glassy banisters, hostesses were welcoming us. Hotel guests were bustling around, but there was still no sound of a typical going out bar. Rather a murmur of people passing by.

“Hopefully, my friends do know where we are”, it crossed my mind, going up couple of stairs and turning right to some kind of corridor.


Busy entrance, Atlantis Hotel, Palm (Glimpses of The World)

Huge, heavy, wooden, dark double door appeared before us. A huge, dark man was standing in front of it, in a huge, dark suit. He was just talking to two young Arab guys in white dishdashas and with red and white scarves keffiyas on their heads.

“This is no place for you, sir. Please, be so kind and go somewhere else for a tea, here we serve alcohol”, the big guy guarding the door said, smiling to them.

They were still curious, persistent, wanted to go in, to see what was behind those forbidden doors.

“I don’t mind, sir. I would be happy to let you in, it is not forbidden, but please have in mind that I wouldn’t advise you to. The place is for Europeans, Westerners, believe me”, said the huge, smiling guy once again.

As their conversation went on, we were reaching the door. They were all smiling, all three of them. Those young Arabs glanced at us, blushing a bit, and a huge guard showed all of his white teeth smiling pleasantly.

“Good evening, madam, sir, welcome”, he said while opening those huge doors for us: “Please, do come in. Have a good evening.”


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