Glimpses of 19th-century Serbia (2) – GETTING LOST IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY

So, I was on my way to Shabac. Small town less than 90 kilometers to the west. Should be passing by another small town by the name of Obrenovac. It’s a “straight line”, no turns, the road just leads you there, should be in Shabac in an hour or so. Just enough time to plan ahead. Our British diplomat spent some time there, so we’ll stay in Shabac for the night…

But we were driving and driving. And it took a while to get – well, somewhere recognizable. We didn’t pay attention to where to turn, or we couldn’t even if we wanted to. Should there be any turns on the way to Shabac?! Didn’t remember that from the map.


On the “wrong” way to Shabac (Glimpses of The World)

Actually, one would have to be focused if one doesn’t travel the area often. There is somewhat wider road passing by the small town of Obrenovac which can easily be mistaken for the main road. The sign was hidden either by tree leaves, traffic light or street advertising signs, but – it just wasn’t there to be noticed. And so, we just continued straight ahead… Until 20 kilometers later a small town of Ub appeared?! Ub is totally on the left! There, the map says so!

“You should have turned from Obrenovac, not to follow that road straight ahead. But, don’t worry, it’s not that far. Everything around here is just 10 to 20 kilometers away, anyway. So, carry on towards Ub, when you reach it, follow the sign right to the village of Banjani. It is on the way to Shabac”, said one of the friendly locals.

Obviously amused by the fact that people from Belgrade got lost as soon as they have left the capital. After less than an hour? In their own country?! Oh, what a story to tell when I go back home…


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