On our way from Kaona Monastery, we didn’t go to the main road from Trshic village, since the town of Loznica iz only seven kilometers away – following some „shortcut“. But, what we didn’t know is that this road section was at the time utterly unusable. A lot of dirt, or sand was it? It was under construction!

One impatient car with Belgrade’s plates drove by fast, and raised such cloud of dust that we had to park and wait for the road to become visible again. And well, not to scratch our car on every one of those protruding manhole lids.


On the way from Kaona Monastery

Waited enough. Turned right – there’s no sign, oh well – driving on… We should have been on the outskirts of Loznica by now. But there is only a small corn field ahead?

„You have to go back a bit, or you can follow this road, slowly, since it’s not that good“, said a nice lady walking by, pointing to macadam road overgrown in grass.

After „thank you“ and a smile accordingly, we wanted to go, but the woman carried on. Okay, foot on the break again, nodding politely.

She seemed of being just in the mood for chatting away with someone, which was fine. Until the horns howled from behind! It was time to go, now!

„Thank you again, you are very kind.“

The lady opened her mouth to say something more, but we just had to move the car. We drove away, noticing in the rear view mirror that she was waving, smiling, standing at the same spot. And still talking.


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