Wanted to visit Banja Koviljacha spa center, and this is a short reminder of a legend regarding the place – before we go through Loznica town in the next Glimpse and before we actually reach Banja Koviljacha.

At the time of our journey, Serbian government has already established the Asylum Center (in 2008) in Banja Koviljacha. The country pledged to take care of the future asylum seekers. Nobody could have predicted that they were yet to come in such numbers, fleeing from the war-torn countries in Middle East. Banja Koviljacha in 2010 was just another Serbian spa village. Now, in 2017 it is first and foremost the place where unfortunate migrants are welcomed, and given food and accommodation.


Popular king Peter’s bathroom

Anyway, the legend says that the famous mineral water was found here when some caravan was passing through. One of their horses was exhausted and ill, walking heavily, and so the caravan couldn’t drag the horse with them. Yet, people didn’t kill him either, he was just left behind, to die alone. The horse was in pain, so he was rolling down in the „black mud“. Trying to ease his sufferings, he was lying in „warm waters“, one day after another.

And so, when that caravan came back the same way, little did they know that the same horse was going to greet them, but this time – up and running, grazing grass next to the road! People were astonished to find the horse well again, healed by the small spring’s water on the spot.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? The spa village has helped an animal, while being left behind, alone. Just imagine what it might do to a human being, with a little help from others!


The full 19th-century Serbia SERIES




22 thoughts on “Serbia: SPA THAT HEALS, AGAINST ALL THE ODDS (11)

  1. Great reading and nice experience!! How did you feel after bathing in that thermal water?!?! Never been to Serbia and sincerely right now it’s not on my bucket list!! I will wait to read more about this country from you :-D, thanks for sharing it

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  2. This was a really interesting read, and I particularly like the story about the horse! I always find places that have natural spas to feel so peaceful, whether or not I actually enter into the springs.

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  3. It’s great to see Banja Koviljacha be such an inviting place for asylum seekers. With the things that are going on today, those people need the most help and I’m glad to see there are those that are still doing it. The story of the mineral water with the horse is definitely an interesting one. The spa sounds like a really nice place to relax and help your skin. When I’ve had skin problems, I went to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, which is legendary healing powers. Sure enough, my skin got better really quickly after dipping in there, and I’d imagine with all the minerals in the spa, it would do the same.

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