Homage to SYRIA!

This was one of the countries I had in mind when thinking about writing stories from various parts of the world. So rich in history with such diversity in cultures and traditions that I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit while there was still peace.

It was only two and a half years before the actual six-year war broke out and I still can’t seem to grasp the fact that some of the places I have seen are not there any more, two thousand year old temples – vanished into the air! Whenever I look at photos of those astonishing places and interesting people I came across back in 2008, I wonder what became of them, if they are well and where they might have ended up after such misfortune…

And it is because of them I have decided to write about the country, to pay my homage to people and places, hoping that this madness would end soon, that peace would be restored. And to remind you of the cultural heritage the country holds, nowadays when we only mention its name in regard to terrorists, political turbulence and war.

Well, guys, remember Syria? That is where my blog will take you this month!

Let’s „travel“ to this Middle Eastern country on Tuesdays and Fridays, when Glimpses will be posted as the Homage to Syria, and walk together through the Christian district of Damascus, one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, visit the tomb of the great Muslim leader Salahuddin who fought for Jerusalem during the Crusades. We will be reminded of the famous 10th-century Citadel in Aleppo, the huge wooden water wheels of Hama, the Aramaic dialect still used in Maaloula – the one that Jesus spoke, and of the gorgeous ancient city where the queen Zenobia defied Roman Empire almost two thousand years ago – the great Palmyra!

Enjoy reading about it this April, and let’s hope together that the war will finally end!



24 thoughts on “Homage to SYRIA!

  1. I can’t wait to see these posts! It’s so hard to watch the news and see the horror that is occurring there. Kudos for showcasing what once was. Prayers for peace & rebuilding.

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    • Thanks! I’m also thrilled to remember the country in travel terms once again. Thinking for a while now whether to do this homage, and glad I finally did. It’s not much, but it is with good intentions… Fingers crossed for the war to end soon.


  2. I’m looking forward to hear all your stories. All my Arab friends always tell me:
    Syria was like the perfect country. The kindest Arabs, the best food and the most beautiful landscape in the Middle East. It used to be a popular honey moon place for middle-class Arabs from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. It’s really sad to see what they’ve done to this country and, the worst part is that it will never be the same… or at least, not in the following decades

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    • Didn’t see it as perfect, but it had a specific charm. And I’m sure that, once the war ends, things would slowly come to normal. It will take time, of course, but you can gradually do a lot of things once you have peace again.


  3. I want to read positive articles about Syria. I know that a long time ago, Syria had a lot of beautiful sculptures, tourist attractions, vibrant culture, and so on. These have been heavily shattered by the recent misfortunes.

    Iza c/o Fill My Passport

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  4. It is heart breaking what’s happening there now but you are lucky you traveled Syria when it was peaceful. Not sure when will that be in future now; so thanks for sharing how it was. Keep writing 🙂

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  5. Wonderful idea to do homage to Syria! Pity I haven’t managed to visit it before the war started. It is a beautiful country with rich history. Looking forward to your upcoming post!

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