How about SINGAPORE in May!

We’ll be moving on a bit more to the East this month, to enjoy Singapore through Glimpses! One unique city-state that stretches on a little over 700 square kilometers, with population of about five million, the country that is among the wealthiest in the world!

Singapore is constantly changing, being modernized all the time, and I was told that the country changes so fast, that even if I come next year, I wouldn’t be able to say that I know the city or that I have seen it all already. And they were so right!

So, let’s enjoy this city together, the place that is usually referred to as a layover, but is so much more than that! Check out the Glimpses button in the upper menu (Tuesdays and Fridays), or just subscribe by clicking on Follow via e-mail and get the stories right into your Inbox as soon as they are posted.

Imagine an orchid, beautiful and gentle, since that is actually the national flower of Singapore. And than just sit back, and enjoy the ride!



9 thoughts on “How about SINGAPORE in May!

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  2. I never had Singapore on my radar before, but I love that it is always changing never the exactly the same. I hope to check out the this beautiful place one day.

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