Let’s go to RHODES!

So, let’s make it official! I have been exploring the Greek island of Rhodes for couple of days now and it’s time to start another unique series of travel Glimpses.

Since the summer is almost here, having in mind that it’s already 28 degrees Celsius on the island, this is the perfect location to step into the official summer with, the summer that starts on June 21 to be exact.


But, do not be fooled, Rhodes is not “just another beachy” place, it’s so full of history and rich in ancient events which actually represent few major breaking points for what Europe came out to be today. So, join me in exploring the island, learning and writing about the place, while having Greek coffee in different parts of it!

Let’s soak up some sun together and enjoy the famous myths (since this is the island which belonged to no other than Helios the Sun god), visit one of the best preserved medieval towns Crusaders have built, chase sandy beaches around, and we might even take a cruise to few nearby colorful islands!

As usual, Glimpses will be available on Tuesdays and Fridays.

So, welcome to the island of the Sun god!



14 thoughts on “Let’s go to RHODES!

  1. I am in Datça now, right across Rhodes 🙂 My mum lives here, but unfortunately I’ve never had a chance to visit Rhodes, so I’ve gotten more excited with the new Glimpses series (but I love reading them all as I said before).

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  2. I love Greek islands! Like you said they not just nice beaches for holiday but theres no much history, so much to explore! I havent been in Rhodos yet but it is on my list 🙂

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