Bali is special in a lot of ways. I don’t usually write about food when traveling, but the Balinese colorful markets, such variety of fruit and spices, along with few unusual meals I had on the island, came to be truly memorable. Just imagine – rainy day, beautiful rice fields inland, the road curving up … Continue reading Bali Indonesia: FOOD, VOLCANO AND RICE FIELDS (7)


Bali Indonesia: WHAT TO BUY (6)

Okay, so we have covered the most popular places to visit in Bali so far, famous temples being among the first. And I did mention few things I bought in Bali, but I feel I should dedicate the whole post to souvenirs and things to bring from the island. Why? Well, maybe because I was … Continue reading Bali Indonesia: WHAT TO BUY (6)

Bali Indonesia: TRADITIONAL DANCE (5)

The tradition of Bali is so colorful, radiating with life from every corner of the island being that the beach on the coast or the lush greenery inland. It is something you will witness in everyday life, it reflects in daily offerings, traditional dances, crafts etc. Daily offerings Every morning you will come across small … Continue reading Bali Indonesia: TRADITIONAL DANCE (5)

Bali Indonesia: TEMPLES (4)

Even though Bali is part of the (mostly Muslim) country of Indonesia, it has a strong Hindu tradition. More than 85 percent of the 4,2 million island inhabitants practice Balinese Hinduism. Hence so many Hindu temples – about 10,000 that are dedicated to different deities from the land and the sea. Bali is actually nicknamed … Continue reading Bali Indonesia: TEMPLES (4)

Bali Indonesia: THE MOTHER TEMPLE (3)

One of the landmarks I was eager to see in Bali was the so-called Mother Temple. It looked so surreal in all the photos I have seen thus far and I was so curious to climb up the ancient steps. The guide took me to one of the sarong workshops where women painted beautiful patterns … Continue reading Bali Indonesia: THE MOTHER TEMPLE (3)

Bali Indonesia: PERFECT WEATHER (2)

When I woke up that first morning in Bali, I didn’t know where I was exactly. The room was huge, there were birds singing outside in a manner that I have never heard before. I even looked up to see if maybe I have left the TV on the night before. Bright light was coming … Continue reading Bali Indonesia: PERFECT WEATHER (2)

Bali Indonesia: SINGAPORE TO BALI (1)

Who would have thought Bali would become such a “trendy” island! I mean, sure, it was always popular because of its beauty, wonderfully lush nature and tradition, its dear smiling people, but this is way above what I might have expected few years ago when I visited for the first time. While I was thinking … Continue reading Bali Indonesia: SINGAPORE TO BALI (1)

BALI, the Island of Gods!

It’s time for one beautiful island everyone seems to be talking about lately! Located near the Equator and being one of the 17,000 Indonesian archipelagos, it lies between Java and Lombok, and it’s surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Even though relatively small and remote, it makes everyone who visits fall in love with the place … Continue reading BALI, the Island of Gods!