Jordanian resort of Aqaba is well known and very interesting considering the fact that you can come for a vacation, but also visit few extremely attractive locations at the same time such as Petra or Wadi Rum. It might not be the best idea to come during summer though, because of the weather and high … Continue reading Jordan: AQABA VACATION (7)



If you go north from Amman, you will get to the place not to be missed when you travel to Jordan. This is one of the most important historical places in Jordan, one of the most significant Roman cities in the region that is well preserved to this day. So, prepare yourself for the incredible … Continue reading Jordan: JERASH, THE ROMAN ARABIA (6)


For those of you not that into Judaism or Christianity, you should know that Jordan houses some of the most important monuments related to religion. You have probably heard about the Dead Sea and Petra or you plan to visit, but be prepared for few surprises in the kingdom. The whole region of the Middle … Continue reading Jordan: MOUNT NEBO AND JORDAN RIVER (5)


There are few more locations that are drawing visitors to this Middle Eastern country, besides Petra. One of them is the Dead Sea. This unique sea stretches between Israel and Jordan. Hotels and spa centers are rising up on its shores since the sea mud has so many health and beauty benefits. There are many … Continue reading Jordan: DEAD SEA AND WADI RUM (4)

Jordan: CITY OF PETRA (3)

There was Petra in some movie (and it wasn’t the Indiana Jones III) when I saw it for the first time. I was sure that it was just another movie set, because “there is no way that this really exists”. Well, you can get the picture of how surreal the sight is, even in person! … Continue reading Jordan: CITY OF PETRA (3)


When traveling to Jordan, one of the stops to do is certainly the capital Amman, probably different from what you might expect. This is one modern city with the usual traffic jams (Arabic style!), cozy hotels, nice walkways, shopping malls with everything from Starbucks to Prada. The country is populated by Arab Muslims and it … Continue reading Jordan: AMMAN, THINGS TO DO (2)

Jordan: THINGS TO KNOW (1)

You will get the picture of how impatient I was to visit Jordan if I tell you that I was actually waiting for few years for the trip to take place. I knew that I shouldn’t travel on my own, not around Middle East and not for the first time at least, and local agencies … Continue reading Jordan: THINGS TO KNOW (1)

JORDAN anyone? Hop on!

The time has come to travel to one spectacular country in the Middle East, the one that hosted Lawrence of Arabia once, but Indiana Jones as well! The jewel of rose-colored sands and hidden ancient towns that offers a modern city experience with business districts and shopping malls, but also - Bedouin tents and camel … Continue reading JORDAN anyone? Hop on!